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There’s all kinds of buzz stuff these days about disruption as a tool, linear versus circular economy, licensing versus ownership — and so on.

But business will always be business. The first order of business is trust. If you can’t trust your customer or partner, simply put, there is no business. Secondly, don’t talk down to them or treat them like fools.

This should be axiomatic, but you will be surprised to find out how often this behavior is violated. A culture  built on knowing, then satisfying 100 percent your customers’ needs should be the No. 1 priority of any business. Secondly, know where you will be taking your venture ansd how to get there. Adapt, even if it means constant change and, above all, know your service or product passionately and intimately — better than anyone else. Lastly, create believers, not by hyping but by conviction and example. Ah, yes — circular versus linear economy. Reusing or recycling what is spent and left over from creating a product while simply disposing of it can be said to benefit the environment and is therefore a plus. © 2024 Copyrighted all rights reserved
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